What are the common issues in espresso machine?

You must have spent a whole lot of price to get yourself the comfort of having coffee at your place. When there is a small problem in your machine also, it gets you scared of spending more in servicing. Sometimes the problem will be minor and you can easily fix it on your own. If you are maintaining your espresso machine regularly then you need not to worry about getting it serviced at all. You can anyways know all about it from http://www.heavymornings.com/best-espresso-machine/. Let’s discuss about solutions to some of the common problems:

espresso machine

  1. Your machine is not heating up: If your machine is turned up from long and still it is not getting heated then you cannot do much about it. You will be needing someone who would open it up and try to look for something wrong inside. IF you are not able to do much you should take it someone who can actually help.
  2. No water coming out: Most of the times the machine gets clogged as a result there will be no water coming through. In such cases, you have to remove your group head first because it is the one that gets clogged easily. After removing run the pump without group head. If it runs, try immersing the group head in hot water for some time. You can clean any dirt that is clogged into it. Sometimes the removable water reservoir is sometime snot placed in proper position inside your machine. Also check its valve. There can be scenarios like your machine will be choking on air which will be causing any flow of water. You have to open up the steam wand and let it run for dome time to clear up.
  3. Water not heating up: You have to check the temperature of the thermometer and let it go to the required degree.